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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

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This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

“After a failed marriage, I was forced to return to the workforce. Prior to being a Stay-at-home Mum I began my career in Sales and Marketing And soon was the VP of a multi-million Dollar business in Las Vegas. 

The thought of returning to the Corporate World made me ill. The late nights, stress & not being around for my kids was not going to work for me. I stumbled upon this online business & knew immediately it was for me! The business not only exceeds my financial goals each year but the work/life balance is priceless.”

Jodie Sacco, Las Vegas

I am a former CEO of a major corporation. I woke-up one day and realized that I was making the money but I was never home. Traveling around the world without my wife on business was not fun. I had reached the pinnacle of the "job" market but I did not have time freedom. I eventually found this business and it has transformed my life. We are now living all over California staying in beautiful vacation homes and we will be moving to Hawaii early next year. I can do this business from anywhere in the world and I never have to travel without my wife again.  - Michael

Michael & Arni Berry, Texas


"The world teaches us how to give up on our dreams. This business taught me how not to." George Rizk

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Let's hear from our company co-owner

George Rizk

Hi I'm George. I'm fortunate to run a business in an industry that I'm truly passionate about, Personal Development. 

I'm a Lebanese-Puerto Rican-American, and I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Our business allows us to live where we choose to live, travel and explore the world in the way that I dreamed about as a kid (and as an adult). 

My travels have taken me from the States to Mexico, South America, right throughout the Middle East.  

I'm passionate about working with motivated men and women who want to create this level of freedom and flexibility in their own lives. You don't have to travel to any extent if you so choose. Most of the people I work with are grounded in one spot most of the time, but they all have one thing in common. 

They create a life filled with their own choices. 

Photography and nature have always been interests of mine, and now with the help of my business I'm creating time for them!

Discovering the flexibility of remote business while traveling

Zeus! Or Zeusy Q as we affectionately call him. He's almost two years old and has the energy of a tornado

Unforgettable times in one of the many crystal-clear beaches of Puerto Rico

THE PROBLEM:  The current standards of the workforce are very limiting. Most conventional jobs require at least 40 hours per week (by the way, that's 50% of your waking hours) and usually within very limited time windows like 9am-5pm. You get paid a flat rate no matter how hard or how efficiently you work. In other words, your income does not scale to your worth. You usually answer to a manager which comes with a host of complications including personality clashes, lack of independence, and stifling of creativity. And you are tied to specific location, usually within driving distance of your job. In short you are underpaid, undervalued, and unsatisfied. You're away from your family, friends and activities that matter most to you. And you just feel like you need more out of life than this. 

THE TRIAL AND ERROR: I got my start initially in the influencer space working from my home and creating my own content.  It didn't go well. Advertising was ineffective and expensive and reaching my niche was difficult. I was so close to giving up on my dream and going back to get yet another job. By age 27 I had tried at least 8 different jobs. I was struggling personally and professionally. I lived practically dollar to dollar, and was financially far from reaching a flow of life that would help me provide for myself and my loved ones the way I desired to. Most conventional businesses have huge overhead costs that greatly increase financial risks, require tons of overtime hours, and require you to learn everything from scratch.

THE SOLUTION:  The solution was an income opportunity without the disadvantages of conventional jobs and conventional businesses. One that made it easy to free up my time for my loved ones by not requiring 40 hours per week - more like 20 hours on average - and setting my own hours (flexibility). One that allows income to scale-up exponentially. One that isn't tied to a specific location (remote). One where you are properly trained for free, have low financial risk, and the successful step-by-step process is already there for you so you don't have to start from scratch. And, one where I decide everything about my career and my life (independent). So why isn't everyone doing this? Because most people aren't ready for the unfamiliarity of change or simply are afraid to hope that this could be real for them. 

THE BUSINESS THAT ALIGNED WITH MY DREAMS: The business that I was led to that day, is the business that I run today. Representing award winning personal development products.  Tapping into a global economy and connecting with clients from all over the world. I'm privileged to work with incredible entrepreneurs who are supportive, talented and simply the best in their field. Skeptical? So was I. Coming from a scientific background, I researched everything I could before joining the business. It's definitely real. Very quickly after going through the interview process I realized this was exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking for a way to be rewarded for your time and talent. If you're a great multi tasker and have a few hours a day to devote to a new business venture, then apply here. 

George Rizk

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